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HOLISTIC: Adjective
Synonyms: all-inclusive, rounded, full, complete, universal, whole 

You are invited to join my Circle of Friends and invite others who might like to connect, as we celebrate and support each other and create Community together!
Please always feel free to contact me for information or to schedule an initial consultation.
    I look forward to meeting with you!

  Deb Kabin~earthmother

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Dale Allen-"In Our Right Minds" Performance
Women's Weekend Retreat-Coolfont, W. Virginia
            "Tuning In with The Tarot"
                  with Dr. Alicia Powers
"Second Sight" Workshop with Ana Jones
Where Science Meets Spirituality...Energetic Rejuvenation with Yuliya Cohen

  Shamanic Journey with Phillip & Ana Jones
    'Tea & Tarot' with Geraldine Amaral
Sacred Sound Immersion at Blueberry Gardens

Photos from some of our beautiful events~
"Standing In Your Sun"
with Laurissa Heller